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Yoga & Pilates instructor, travel blogger & economist

September 18, 2019

​Le Skin har fått en  helt ny laserhårfjerningsmaskin som fjerner hår fortere og bedre slik at det også gjør mindre vondt. Det er den 5. laserhårfjerningsbehandlingen av legger, underarmer og bikinilinje, og jeg merker allerede at det er mykere og mindre hårvekst. I tillegg gjør laserhårfjerningen mindre vondt for hver gang. Jeg velger alltid å dra tilbake til Le Skin fordi de er så dyktige og flinke, og bruker det nyeste utstyret, i motsetning til mange andre klinikker.

Er det noe jeg vil anbefale, så er det laserhårfjerning. Man sparer så mye tid når hårene fjernes permanent! Det fungerer ikke så bra på rødt hår, men brunt og mørkeblondt hår går fint. Behandlingen fungerer også på en mørk hudfarge, men unngå helst selvbruning uken før. 

Le Skin har de nyeste og beste maskinene på markedet for laserhårfjerning. Det er sjeldent at klinikker kan behandle solbrun hud, så her skiller Le Skin seg ut. Klinikken mottar også mange henvisninger fra leger,...

May 23, 2017

 I am very lucky to be working with my favourite make-up and skin care brand Bobbi Brown Australia. Their products are amazing, and I love the smells! My skin care routine consists of applying the Intensive Skin Care Supplements Serum, followed by the Hydrating Face Cream and Hydrating eye cream. For me, my skin care is more important than make-up as I truly believe it is important to go to work and leave the house without make-up on sometimes to feel pretty naturally. Try it and be surprised that people can't tell the difference. I think we mostly care about it ourselves. Once a week I love applying the instant Detox Face mask to remove any impurities.

As for make-up, I apply mascara. For concealer, I usually use one of the two pictured to brighten up under my eyes and dab the product left over to cover up impurities. I love using the shimmer bricks to brighten my skin and get that 'healthy glow'. Apply the powder in swirls with a big brush on the apples of my cheeks, jawline, and fore...

May 12, 2017

I am in love with these products that were given to me by Jurlique Australia. Jurlique is Australian made, but sell their skincare worldwide. The products I chose have scents like rose, but there is a range of other scents to choose from. The serum and moisturizer is very light on the skin, and the hand cream and lavender massage oil give great moisture, and the scent feels like stepping into a spa. Hands down one of my favourite skin care brands, and I feel truly grateful to be working with Jurlique. My mom has been using their products back in Oslo, but as a student I couldn’t afford them. However, I got to try her rose lip balm and hand cream, and fell in love. Something as simple as amazing skincare can really brighten my week!

April 20, 2017

I was lucky to receive a beautiful product package from Aveda Australia. Using Aveda products feels like stepping into a spa. The scents remind me of a facial or a massage treatment. I received a overnight Tulasara wedding night cream, aroma oil named 'stress fix' and hair products to rescue damage after the summer.

This is a delicious aroma oil that brings you back to being at a spa. I love rubbing the stress fix between my wrists and breathing in the relaxing scent before bed, and even in the mornings too.

 The daily moisturising Dry Remedy smells like a spa treatment. I apply four drops to my palms and rub it through my ends after a shower. It smells divine and gives healthy hair!

Wear this night mask to bed and wake up with smooth and moist skin. The texture feels nice, and it smells delicious.  

The blue malva shampoo is to fight brazenness or yellowing on the blond highlights in my hair. This is perhaps my favourite of all the smells. The blue malva...

March 15, 2017

I thought I would share some thoughts on what gives me happiness.

 It is proven that happiness comes from being grateful, having few, close relationships and doing acts of kindness to others.

More and more, I try to listen to my own drum about what makes me happy. I value close relationships with the people who matter to me, but am no longer as stressed about missing a social event. Especially if I would rather do my own thing. I am rarely alone, except for when I work out. Being with loving and fun people brightens my mood and gives me energy. Many of my friends are the opposite, they get happiness and energy from spending time alone, which is great too!

I am conscious about living in the moment. Feeling the raindrops on my skin, swimming in the sea, looking at the sun and the stars, and eating ice cream on sunny days. This life we live is too short to sweat the small stuff, so I appreciate the beautiful moments.

Quitting things that make me unhappy. This is maybe the hardest step to...

February 28, 2017

It was a pleasure to be back in the beautiful hair salon Gallo Hair a second time. This time, Alfred and I decided on a braided bun with several small braids intertwined. We were inspired by all the pretty, classical braids out there. Gallo Hair has hairdressers who are good at helping you find your right cut and colour. The salon has a beautiful ambience with scented candles, a flower centrepiece and a selection of magazines. The hairdressers are friendly, and you can sip on a cappuccino or a gin and tonic while getting your hair done. Check out their Instagram account Gallo Hair.

For appointments, call 02 9360 1192


132 Crown Street

East Syney

NSW 2010

February 23, 2017

1. Fly to Perth, and do a road trip of the stunning scenery from Perth to Kalbarri National Park. I did this drive with friends, and absolutely loved the nature in Western Australia. We rented rooms in simple bed & breakfasts, however camping is another option. Drive up to Monkey Mia to feed dolphins, and ride camels in Broome if you have more time.

2. Start by flying to the nearest airport to Whitsunday Island, then tour the Whitsundays by sailboat for a night or two. After, take the bus or drive up to Cairns. Go diving in the infamous Great Barrier Reef before the coral dies, and bungy jumping at AG Hackett Cairns. Bungy jumping gave me a rush of adrenaline. The day after, I went on a tour to see the jungle in Cape Tribulation, where you get to swim in waterfalls, and walk in the jungle with the second largest biodiversity after the Amazon.

3. Visit Darwin for authentic crocodile tours and different Australian sceneries.

4. Fly to Queenstown in New Zealand for bungy jumping, hiking and...

February 22, 2017

1. Watsons Bay. Take the ferry on a Sunday and view the cliffs in the setting sun, eat at the famous seafood restaurant and party in the trendy day-drinking club with other young and hip Aussies.

2. Parramata river. Ride the ferry down Parramata river on a Sunday for only $ 2.50.

3. Visit the figure 8 pools on a Sunday in Royal National Park by train and hike.

4. Blue Mountains. Go hiking in the stunning scenery and waterfalls.

5. Palm beach. Hike up to the lighthouse and have lunch at The Boathouse.

6. Visit Milk Beach.

7. Manly beach by ferry from Circular Quay.

8. Bondi beach. Bondi to Coogee walk.

 9. Coogee to Maroubra walk.

10. Maroubra to Little Bay walk. 

January 23, 2017

I visited the beautiful salon Gallo Hair for a styling treatment. I will be writing about The blow dry's there once a month. The hairdresser Alfred was inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a modern twist. I loved the friendly hairdressers at Gallo Hair. The salon has a beautiful ambience with scented candles, flowers and a diverse selection of magazines. The hairdressers are friendly, and you can sip on a cappuccino or a gin and tonic while getting your hair done. The music is modern, and made me want to dance in my hairdressing chair. Alfred designed my hairstyle. I am excited to come back monthly for a blow dry. Check out their Instagram account Gallo Hair

For appointments, call 02 9360 1192


132 Crown Street

East Syney

NSW 2010

E: enquiries@gallohair.com

Step 1: Blow-dry

Step 2: curl

Step 3: Foam roll secured by bobby pins to build volume

The salon has a selection of magazines and the products smell delicious

Xx Hannah

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