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Yoga & Pilates instructor, travel blogger & economist

May 25, 2017

The rooms are beautiful, and the hotel had a princess vibe.

Langham hotel is a beautiful hotel near the Observatory Hill and The Rocks in Sydney centre. The interiors are beautiful and we were lucky to stay at the hotel for free. The pool, with its starry night sky and beach art is beautiful with an amazing spa area. The interiors and beds remind me of the princess room. I always dreamt of having as a little girl.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Xx Hannah

May 5, 2017

Tasmania was a beautiful place. The cold weather and crisp sunshine brought me back to Bergen in Norway. The food in Hobart was amazing, especially the restaurants and cafes located by the waterfront. We enjoyed brunch and coffee overlooking the sea.

The first night we stayed in this cute hotel room in Hobart. The second night, we stayed at the Grand Chancellors near the harbour and enjoyed a workout and swim in the pool.

We hiked up to Mt.Wellington for stunner views.

Then took a daytrip to Wineglass Bay, and went camping on the beach. We even saw quokkas and got to say hello to them up close.

March 8, 2017

1. Visit Jervis Bay. Take the train and then a bus,  or rent a car at GoGet. Sleep overnight or go camping for one two two nights. I went camping, and slept at at Hyamns beach, listening to the sounds of the forest while falling asleep. It was magical to wake up to the sunset over the ocean, and five dolphins swimming by. We had the whole beach to ourselves, and it made me want go camping more often. I bought my tent at Woolworth for $ 60.

2. Fly to Melbourne with Tiger Airways. Be sure to visit Great Ocean road, St.Kilda beach at dawn to see penguin. I loved the swimming with sea lions tour! It was my top Melbourne moment. I also took a tour of the Mornington Peninsula. Be sure to visit Cookie rooftop bar and Naked for Satan if you like rooftop bars like me!:)

3. Fly to Gold Coast, and rent a car to spend the weekend in beautiful Byron Bay. Enjoy late brunches, surfing and walks to the lighthouse, where you may be lucky to spot some dolphins at sunrise.

4. Fly to Australia’s “heart”...

February 23, 2017

1. Fly to Perth, and do a road trip of the stunning scenery from Perth to Kalbarri National Park. I did this drive with friends, and absolutely loved the nature in Western Australia. We rented rooms in simple bed & breakfasts, however camping is another option. Drive up to Monkey Mia to feed dolphins, and ride camels in Broome if you have more time.

2. Start by flying to the nearest airport to Whitsunday Island, then tour the Whitsundays by sailboat for a night or two. After, take the bus or drive up to Cairns. Go diving in the infamous Great Barrier Reef before the coral dies, and bungy jumping at AG Hackett Cairns. Bungy jumping gave me a rush of adrenaline. The day after, I went on a tour to see the jungle in Cape Tribulation, where you get to swim in waterfalls, and walk in the jungle with the second largest biodiversity after the Amazon.

3. Visit Darwin for authentic crocodile tours and different Australian sceneries.

4. Fly to Queenstown in New Zealand for bungy jumping, hiking and...

February 22, 2017

1. Watsons Bay. Take the ferry on a Sunday and view the cliffs in the setting sun, eat at the famous seafood restaurant and party in the trendy day-drinking club with other young and hip Aussies.

2. Parramata river. Ride the ferry down Parramata river on a Sunday for only $ 2.50.

3. Visit the figure 8 pools on a Sunday in Royal National Park by train and hike.

4. Blue Mountains. Go hiking in the stunning scenery and waterfalls.

5. Palm beach. Hike up to the lighthouse and have lunch at The Boathouse.

6. Visit Milk Beach.

7. Manly beach by ferry from Circular Quay.

8. Bondi beach. Bondi to Coogee walk.

 9. Coogee to Maroubra walk.

10. Maroubra to Little Bay walk. 

February 20, 2017

1.      The Grounds of Alexandria, for delicious brunch, sourdough breads and pastries amidst greenery, flowers and a pet pig and parrot. The Grounds of Alexandria is probably my favourite brunch & lunch spot in the world. Only minus, they don`t take reservations, and there is often a bit of a wait in the meantime. Perfect to walk around and take in the scenery.

2.      The Boat House at Palm Beach or Shelly beach. The café and it’s relaxing beach-vibe is the epitome of Aussie Brunch culture, mixed with a dash of seafood. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially facing the ocean at Palm Beach.

3.      Reuben Hills in Surry Hills, has that cute, Aussie, hipster vibe, and their pancake weekly specials, coffee and food is to die for.

4.      Bondi Wholefoods. I have to say, the only “charming” one, is the café located near North Bondi beach itself. The origin is often the best. Come here for raw, vegan cakes, and a men...

February 19, 2017

My Photographer and I are planning a trip across the world. We will be contacting different sponsors. In the meantime, we would love to meet you for a coffee and hear about your life in your country!

Our dream route:

New Caledonia

Salomon Islands


Bora Bora 

Sri Lanka

India - Place to stay





Galapagos Islands, Equador

Amazon, Equador

Easter Islands

Santiago, Chile - Place to stay

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Place to stay

Mendosa, Argentina

South Africa - Place to stay


Hong Kong


February 18, 2017

From the Wild Forager flower and interior store in Freshwater

I higly recommend visiting freshwater for the beautiful beach in Sydney and amazing small interior, flower and clothing boutiques. Such a favourite spot in Sydney!

Dancing in Freshwater beach hahah! 

Have an awesome Sunday!

January 18, 2017

 I had a beautiful day in Watson's Bay this Sunday. Take the ferry on a Sunday for a 2.50 $ ferry road along Sydney's stunner coastline. Admire the ocean front houses for millions of dollars with glass windows, along the way at spots like Point Pitper and Rose Bay.

Get off the ferry and enjoy seafood at one of Sydney's most famous and traditional restaurants Doyles on the Beach. The seafood is delicious, yet quite pricy.

Swim on the beach. Then walk around the stunning cliffs and watch the sun set.

 Boats in the harbour

 Sydney's famous seafood restaurant

 Go for a swim in the beach or rent a kayak 

 Delicious dessert platter with three desserts at Doyles on the Beach Restaurant. We enjoyed a chocolate mousse, pavlova cake and a crunchy coated crème brûlée.

 salad and fried prawns for a starter. 

 Enjoy the stunning cliffs at Watson's Bay. 

Watch the sun set over the cliffs at sunset for a special moment.

Have a beautiful week!

Xx Hannah

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