June 6, 2018

The Vass PR Garden Party event was a fun. We got to try delicious homemade lollipops, pizza and wine. In addition, we got to try all the new scents of different brands:) There were so many fresh summer scents, and the flower decor were beautiful.

Thank you so much for the invitation Vass PR. Always a pleausure:)

Beautiful makeup by ARTDECO and eyelash curler from Tweezerman

Such a nice lady!:)

June 6, 2018

 I went to explore Holmenkollen in the stunning sunset. We saw the sun drop down over the horizon at Soria Moria like an African Safari Sunset.

How cute are these hot pink leather SINCE Oslo sandals that I wore in the summer heat? They are from the brand Since Oslo, and I was lucky to try a pair from their new collection.

Have a fab day everyone!

June 5, 2018

Nydelige rosa lakkpumps med spiss hæl og aligatormønster på hælen

I samarbeid med Enzo Poli, har jeg fått velge ut to sommersko som jeg synes går med alt nå til sommeren. Jeg kommer til å bruke de til alt fra bryllup til fest og jobb:) Enzo Poli har den beste kvaliteten og lager sko som føles behagelige. De har god oppbygning, slik at de høye hælene er behagelige. Jeg bruker størrelse 39.5, en størrelse som passer perfekt til foten min. Det er ofte vanskelig å finne sko som er lange nok uten at de blir for brede. Derfor er jeg takknemmelig for at Enzo Poli har så god passform.

Enzo Poli fåes kjøpt på egne butikker for merket i Paleet og CC Vest, samt online på www.miinto,no.

Gleder meg til å prøve ut høstnyhetene til Enzo Poli om ikke så altfor lenge. Kanskje noen lekkre boots.

​​Jobb- og hverdagssko som går med det meste i beige. Jeg elsker denne modellen og føler meg litt som Pocahontas når jeg bruker de;)

May 23, 2018

Ilse Jacobesen is a beautiful Danish clothing brand. I was lucky to get to try a few pieces from their summer collection.

The beautiful blue, printed tunic works perfectly over a swimsuit or as a summer dress. I wore the tunic at Huk in Oslo, one of my favourite spots to relax on the beach and go swimming. The beach bag is great for carrying all of your beach essentials, including a towel, sunscreen and a book.

I loved the pink flip flops from Ilse Jacobsen, as they are so comfortable. I will probably be wearing them everywhere this summer. My last favourite piece was a white linen tunic dress, which I wore with a little belt from the blue tunic.

If you are interested in checking out their summer collection, or their beautiful rainwear, check out their website: https://www.ilsejacobsen.com

Enjoy the summer weather everyone:) Xx

Thank you so much for the wonderful collaboration, Ilse Jacobsen!

May 12, 2018

 Summer has arrived in Oslo, and people are enjoying sunny days in the park and by the sea. I had the privilege of shooting in Undorn's dresses. Karina creates beautiful clothes made with the softest fabrics. Undorn's showroom with summer dresses, party dresses and wedding dresses is located in Hegdehaugsveien 27B. 

"It started as a dream in 2004 and we have been living the dream ever since. Quality, style and timeless fashion define us and our women. We deliver limited collections with an artistic angel on contemporary classics. Our collections consists off high quality stapel jerseys and a limited evening wear collection of fashion fundamentals called "Cocktails at noon". We also provide an exlusive bridal collection where you can choose form a large range off beautifull dresses or you can together with our talented team create the dress of your dreams."

For more information, visit: http://www.undorn.com

April 16, 2018

Vi hadde en fantastisk tur til Bora Bora. Først fløy Jørgen og jeg til Tahiti fra Auckland til New Zealand, og brukte noen dager på øyen Mo'orea. Mo'orea er bare en kort fergetur unna Tahiti. I Mo'orea svømte jeg med delfiner for første gang. Det var en fantastisk opplevelse! Dessuten fikk vi mate og klappe ville rokker i sjøen. De kom opp til oss for å få litt kos:)

Etter oppholdet i Mo'orea fløy vi videre til Bora Bora. I Bora bodde vi bodde hos en venn. Bora Bora er en øy hvor alt du trenger er sol, sjø og en dykkemaske. Det er paradis på jord. Vi kjørte rundt øya, svømte, og snorklet i sjøen. I tillegg besøkte vi luksuriøse resorts utenfor hovedøya. Hotellene hadde kanoer og SUP brett til utlån. Vi nøt spa-området og massasjebehandlinger.

Jeg følte meg avslappet i Bora Bora. Selv om det er en av verdens dyreste øyer, opplevde jeg de enkle gledene i livet. Et eksempel var å kjøre båt med lokalbefolkningen ut til atollen eller "motu" som lokalbef...

December 20, 2017

Frankand Island is a pearl in The Great Barrier Reef. It is a remote Island, and there is only one tour company operating to bring a very small group of tourists out to the island every day. We were lucky to be invited along to document the Island fun. On the way out to the Island, we rode a boat past crocodiles resting in the mangrove trees and arrived at stunning Frankland Island. Once there, we got free lunch of fresh seafood, meat, bread and salad.

It was time to snorkel in the reef! We saw a sea snake, big purple "Ariel" clams closing when you took your finger close to it, purple star fish, nemo fish and other colourful fish in all large and small colours of the rainbow. The guide took us out to a spot with wonderful snorkelling on one side of the island. It was the best snorkelling I did in Cairns. There we got to snorkel up close to a large sea turtle and I was beyond happy for this turtle encounter. It was so slow and peaceful, and I have been unlucky seeing turt...

November 6, 2017

 Blouse, skirt and dress are all from Gerry Weber. Discount code for Barbas & Zacari watch Hannahlates20. Hope you like the look:)

October 6, 2017

Sunset over Cape Reigna, the most northernly point of New Zealand

My New Zealand route was:

Day 1 Auckland – Day 2 Waiheke Island beaches and vineries by public bus – Day 3 bus to Pahia (Bay of Islands) – Day 4 day trip with Great Sights to hole in the rock and dolphin swimming – Day 5 day trip to Cape Reigna – Day 6 Morning bus trip directly to Rotorua followed by an evening bath in hot springs at The Polynesian Spa – Day 7 trip to the Rainbow Springs Nature Park to see kiwi chicks (one of the only places in New Zealand where you can) then Te Pui to see the volcanic geysirs and Maori dance and song show. I loved the dances and traditional Maori clothing. Evening bus to Auckland – Day 8 Waiheke Island to finish touring the beautiful vineries.

I like to travel cheaply and stay at hostels that cost $20 dollars per night, and book cheap bus routes to get from A to B. On the last eve, I splurged on a hotel night to end the holiday with a taste of luxury :)

New Zealand'd north Island...

September 2, 2017

A trip to Kuranda Koala Garden and Bird World Kuranda seen in pictures. I absolutely love getting up close and personal with animals, especially at wildlife sanctuaries where the Aussie creatures have more space to live in, and the caretakers love their animals and take care of them like their own. A special thanks to Mike for giving us an in-depth tour of the koalas and letting us hold snakes and koalas and describing the animals in detail to us. First time interacting and holding such large birds too! They fly to you and sit in your hand and eat or on your hat or shoulders haha!

The pretty sports outfit and NIKE shoes are from Norwegian site www.getinspired.no.

For tickets and booking visit:



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