Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

January 14, 2017

My photographer and I visited Sofitel  for a delicious, sponsored brunch last week.


The interiors are beautiful in the hotel, including chandeliers, flowers and decor. If you need an afternoon of adventure, luxury and inspiration - Sofitel is the place to go.

Walk around the hotel, and take in all the small details of flowers, books and modern art.

 The restaurant is perfect for that special party, event or celebration with your family and friends.

 We were lucky to be invited to try the delicious dessert from a team of master chefs and champagne.

Delicious nut tarts, macaroons, panacotta with raspberry, a tart with a taste of mousse, chocolate and orange.


 The macaroons were golden and sparkly, and almost too pretty too eat!

 We were given ice coffee with cream and sprinkles of gold.

 Sofitel is located nicely in Sydney's city centre.

 The hotel is an architectural beauty.

 Visit the garden for a cocktail or coffee and a skyscraper view of the city.



Thanks for having us Sofitel Sydney. The food was delicious, and it was fun talking to your friendly team:)  Xx Excited to come back and try your dinner soon:)



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