Watson's Bay

January 18, 2017

 I had a beautiful day in Watson's Bay this Sunday. Take the ferry on a Sunday for a 2.50 $ ferry road along Sydney's stunner coastline. Admire the ocean front houses for millions of dollars with glass windows, along the way at spots like Point Pitper and Rose Bay.


Get off the ferry and enjoy seafood at one of Sydney's most famous and traditional restaurants Doyles on the Beach. The seafood is delicious, yet quite pricy.


Swim on the beach. Then walk around the stunning cliffs and watch the sun set.

 Boats in the harbour

 Sydney's famous seafood restaurant


 Go for a swim in the beach or rent a kayak 

 Delicious dessert platter with three desserts at Doyles on the Beach Restaurant. We enjoyed a chocolate mousse, pavlova cake and a crunchy coated crème brûlée.


 salad and fried prawns for a starter. 



 Enjoy the stunning cliffs at Watson's Bay. 


 Watch the sun set over the cliffs at sunset for a special moment.


Have a beautiful week!


Xx Hannah



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