March 15, 2017



I thought I would share some thoughts on what gives me happiness.

 It is proven that happiness comes from being grateful, having few, close relationships and doing acts of kindness to others.

More and more, I try to listen to my own drum about what makes me happy. I value close relationships with the people who matter to me, but am no longer as stressed about missing a social event. Especially if I would rather do my own thing. I am rarely alone, except for when I work out. Being with loving and fun people brightens my mood and gives me energy. Many of my friends are the opposite, they get happiness and energy from spending time alone, which is great too!

I am conscious about living in the moment. Feeling the raindrops on my skin, swimming in the sea, looking at the sun and the stars, and eating ice cream on sunny days. This life we live is too short to sweat the small stuff, so I appreciate the beautiful moments.

 Quitting things that make me unhappy. This is maybe the hardest step to happiness. Our parents and society teach us to always keep on going, and never give up, but this life is yours! As long as I treat others with kindness, what I choose to do, is my own business. I am getting better at not caring about people’s expectations of how I should live my life. I do things that make me happy, and am thinking about getting out of office jobs to teach yoga and pilates full time. I know that I will be happier being poor and living my dream life, than being rich, stressed and busy.

I try to be appreciative of my health, friends and family, and for having a roof over my head. My thing is to treat everyone kindly, and walk in their shoes. I avoid judging others.

Lastly, I try to do more of what I love: exercise, travel, surf, dance. I am looking for a painting and tango course to learn something new.




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Yoga & Pilates instructor, travel blogger & economist