Est restaurant

May 4, 2017

EST is rated as the 4th best gourmet restaurant in all of Australia. EST restaurant is located above The Establishment night club. They have free salsa lessons every Thursday eve at 8 pm. I have attended the lessons several times, and absolutely love the atmosphere and dancing!

 To start of the meal I had a delicious pineapple cocktail in the cool bar on a white couch. The staff were very friendly, and the interiors were beautiful. Chandeliers hung from the intricately decorated cream white ceiling. Greek pillars hold the restaurant up. White tablecloths make the restaurant seem royal.

We started off with some sourdough bread and butter. For a starter, I ordered a delicious tuna sashimi adorned perfectly on top of some leafy greens. The tartar starter also looked splendid. Four my main course, I chose delicious duck fillets which were perfectly tender, crispy on the top, a thin layer of tasty fat, and finally the tender meat. It was placed on the plate so beautifully with sour vegetable mousse dollops and vegetables. The food looked like a piece of art! For a dessert, I went for a chocolate mousse with a crumbly chocolate crust at the bottom, and another crust on the top of the round mousse. It was adorned with crispy caramel crackle and a creamy white cone on top formed as a scoop of ice cream with a creamy taste. This was followed by complimentary orange truffles and white macaroons with a strawberry and cream filling.





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