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Yoga & Pilates instructor, travel blogger & economist

Body Love

July 26, 2017


I Have Never Met A Girl Who Is Happy With Her Stomach


I opened a brand new Australian Vouge, and much to my sadness saw an in-depth article about different procedures and descriptions of plastic surgery. Since when do we need all this to be beautiful? Receiving a lot of free clothing and products in the mail every week, I can truly say that stuff and money doesn’t give happiness. It’s the sunset walk, the time spent with your love ones and the hobbies you love.


Apart from clashing expensive products on our faces every day, isn’t it enough to just be who we are, smile, wear our favourite jeans or dresses and tie back our hair that needed to be cut three months ago in a sloppy pony tail? I think it is enough. The boys and girls who fall in love with you truly don’t like your make-up or care if you wear any. They like your smile, and don’t mind if your boobs are small, saggy, if you have strech marks on your thighs, or warts on your feet.


Love and respect yourself for you, and take care of yourself in the simplest ways: sunscreen, sleep, food and excersise. Who cares about your flaws. We all have so-called flaws, but maybe they are what makes us us. I have never met a girl who is happy with her stomach, but my yoga teacher once told me: ”A happy belly should not have to be held in at every occasion. A healthy belly breathes, it is round". I liked that.



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