Rainforestation & Butterfly Sanctuary Tours in Cairns

August 1, 2017

We were picked up in Cairns to drive to the animal sanctuary (http://www.wildlifehabitat.com.au) Rainforestation (http://www.rainforest.com.au) in Kuranda. The animal keepers were so kind and lovely, giving us a guided tour with information about all the animals including the kengurus, wallabies, crocodiles, koalas, dingus, cassowary, Tasmanian devil. I had a moment up close and personal holding a crocodile and a koala. I love the beautiful koalas and how soft their fur is. They live off only one kind of eucalyptus.


After learning about the animals and petting the wallabies, we went on an army duck tour inside the rainforest (http://www.rainforest.com.au) learning about all the different rainforest plants, including a heart shaped poisonous plant, saw the bright blue butterfly (https://australianbutterflies.com) and The Cairns Green Butterfly. We also spotted some wildlife in the jungle tour on the lake in the army duck. After greeting the animals, we had a delicious buffet including steak, a salad and fruit buffet, all-you-can-eat style at Rainforestation.


Then we were driven to Kuranda, a rainforest village, to see the local markets selling clothing, honey, sweets, soaps and all kinds of beautiful things. Kuranda rainforest is beautiful and the oldest rainforest in the world, older than the Amazon. We passed by a bird sanctuary where one can hold parrots, bought some ice cream and soft drinks and enjoyed the beautiful day. We spotted a beautiful yellow bird in the wild, it was so tropical and small. Another spectacular event to do in the area is the cairns zoom, where you can zip glide between the treas (http://cairnszoom.com.au).


After, we visited the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, and I was wearing the right colour: white, because all these beautiful butterflies (https://australianbutterflies.com) sat on my arm, shoulder and even my hand. The butterflies were so tropical and colourful, and it was one of the most wonderful things I have done - encountering beautiful butterflies (https://tropicwings.com.au) that close! 


Thank you for having us Rainforestation and The Australian butterfly Sanctuary, to book, visit: http://www.rainforest.com.au and https://australianbutterflies.com


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