Frankland Island

December 20, 2017


Frankand Island is a pearl in The Great Barrier Reef. It is a remote Island, and there is only one tour company operating to bring a very small group of tourists out to the island every day. We were lucky to be invited along to document the Island fun. On the way out to the Island, we rode a boat past crocodiles resting in the mangrove trees and arrived at stunning Frankland Island. Once there, we got free lunch of fresh seafood, meat, bread and salad.


It was time to snorkel in the reef! We saw a sea snake, big purple "Ariel" clams closing when you took your finger close to it, purple star fish, nemo fish and other colourful fish in all large and small colours of the rainbow. The guide took us out to a spot with wonderful snorkelling on one side of the island. It was the best snorkelling I did in Cairns. There we got to snorkel up close to a large sea turtle and I was beyond happy for this turtle encounter. It was so slow and peaceful, and I have been unlucky seeing turtles in many of my dives, so this was an amazing surprise!!


Book your trip to Frankland Islands at . Thanks for having us Xx




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